„No road is too long with a friend at your side.“ from Japan

Who would we be, without our favorite friends, who come along through good and bad times, who are always there for us and never abandon us? How spezial, that we are allowed to share our lives with them! And how wonderful, that on top of that, we have a great network of friends and acquaintances who offer so many great possibilities due to their creativity and productivity…

Some of our darlings, we want to introduce to you here (just klick on the name) and maybe they will be your friends as well… Either guided tours, nice bars, music recommendations, design hints or neighbours from our „hood“ – surely all of you will discover something exciting.

Die Buchkönigin
Art Flavour
JR Sewing
Nowkölln Flowmarkt
Annton Beate Schmidt
Jimmy Woo Restaurant
Vive Berlin
Reinhold Steinle
Art Flavour
Jimmy Woo Restaurant
Glaube und Wahrheit
Sebastian Feucht
Wohnfühlzeit – nachhaltig bauen wohnen leben
Yoraco Gonzales
Marion Andrieu
| print&web grafik • illustration • photografie
micori graphic design
Martin Menzel
| Conception and Development

Orchestre Miniature in the Park
Rob Longstaff
8 track adventures
gluten appetit

To be continued!